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Video: Kid Cudi, A Kid Named Cudi Trailer

The reason we're most excited to hear Kid Cudi's mixtape and/or album is precisely because of the spaced-out hippie rap of "Day N Night" as well as the mixtape cut (WITH HARPSICHORD) that ends this video. What's next, a song about riding a dragon to find a scroll? JUST KIDDING! Sort of, we'd actually be really into that, especially if there was a video where Cudi rode the dragon from Eureka's Castle to the moon and the moon had visible strings attached to it. Whoa, did we just conceive of a Kid Cudi puppet show? Don't steal our ideas. Check FADER 54 for a Gen F on Kid Cudi and check Fool's Gold for more info on the mixtape, which might be released at the end of the month unless they want to hold off and do our puppet movie first.

Video: Kid Cudi, A Kid Named Cudi Trailer