Freeload: Animal Collective’s Micromixes for Bradford Cox

June 02, 2008

Bradford Cox wrangled his recent tourmates, Animal Collective, to post a few micromixes to the Deerhunter blog this weekend, and though we are all guilty of putting Avey and Panda on a little pedestal when it comes to the Animals, we gotta say it's Geologist's micromix that takes the bean burrito this go 'round. Yes, Panda's and Avey's give us profound insights into their psyche and creative inspirations, but Geo's got, how you say, jams? Should we stop saying jams? We say it a lot and some people find it annoying but it's not like we're going Oh man, this tuna roll is total jam! We mean a very specific thing by it. Also, his use of Thin Lizzy is probably the most sublime of the three, he named his after something we know is good, and actually uses the word jam in his write up.

Download: Geologist's Mojito Mix

Download: Avey Tare's Micromix

Download: Panda Bear's Bookie Pad Micromix

Freeload: Animal Collective’s Micromixes for Bradford Cox