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Video: Silver Jews Documentary Trailer

Whatever you think of his music, David Berman is an interesting character. We featured him when he released Tanglewood Numbers—an album that came on the heels of severe depression and a suicide attempt—and continue to follow his music with interest. In some ways, it's like the music Berman makes with The Silver Jews is more about what people project onto it than what it actually is. And so, when we see scenes of Berman and the band somewhere out of the country with the sun baking down on them, we immediately think of LA and how maybe in an alternate world Berman would have fit in perfectly there, making sad music, oblivious to his surroundings. All that came from us watching like a minute and a half trailer of the hopefully finally soon to DVD Silver Jews doc Silver Jew. So basically, Silver Jews make us go deep into the mindgarden.

Video: Silver Jews Documentary Trailer