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Method Man's Adventures In Film

Let's say you are a rapper-turned-actor. Actually, fuck it, let's just say you're Method Man. And let's say your acting career isn't doing what you'd like it to be doing, despite your great portrayal of Cheese Wagstaff on The Wire. You've reconciled the fact that How High 2: Even More Higher, The Legend of Ivory's Ghost is never going to come out. You've accepted roles like Muggsy in Soul Plane and Persian Emissary in Meet the Spartans. The last semi-legitimate film you were in was an extraneous bit as a bellhop in Garden State, so sure, you take the part as the weed supplier Percy in The Wackness. It even let's you try an accent, even if it is a Welcome To Jamaica, Mon!-style accent. But our question is this: When the director asks you to a deliver a "Biggie will change your life" bit of dialogue as "The What"—a song that you, Method Man, appear on with Biggie—plays, don't you say, "Come on, Jonathan. All the references to Zima and Kurt Cobain's death already make it abundantly clear that this film is set in 1994. This is getting too nudge-nudge-wink-wink even for me."? Or do you just say, "Fuck the world, don't ask me for shit. If you want to keep your S.A.G. card you have to work hard for it."?

Method Man's Adventures In Film