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Video: Radiohead, "House of Cards"

First they put their entire album up on the internet for free download and now they’ve made the video for “House of Cards” without cameras and boy are we excited to talk about this at parties for the next couple years. This video has been internetted to death already, but here: It was made by capturing the shapes and relative distances of physical objects by shooting lasers at them from a scanner mounted on something that looks like a steady-cam. Scanner! Lasers! What?! This shit is crazy. We watched the "making of" video too but still really don’t understand how one can “remake geometry” or how this process works at all. And of course Yorke had to get all deep on us, saying some stuff about how the transformation of people into mathematical points is “strangely emotional," like, the collision of the mechanical and the human reveals the true depth of the soul when not touched by technology, or something. Just don't watch too closely, you could go as blind as a Russian raver.

Video: Radiohead, "House of Cards"