Blame It On My Wild Heart: Fleetwood Mac Power Hour

August 11, 2008

Power Hour is a really fun drinking game to play. But like most drinking games and most games in general, it possesses an inherent flaw: sometimes more labor is required than the already-drunk (because you probably already are) can handle. For those who aren’t familiar, a Power Hour entails taking a swig of champagne/beer/champagne-of-beers every time the song on your playlist changes. To speed things up, each song only lasts for one minute. Sounds easy enough, but all of that fiddling around in your iTunes preferences to change the track lengths can get pretty lame.

Luckily, someone else took care of it and created Artisanal Power Hour Mixes for the Discriminating Binge Drinker, which includes a soundtrack to something we’ve all done before, whether it's been in the company of friends or in the privacy of a candlelit bathtub filled with our own tears: drinking to the music of Fleetwood Mac. It begins with the haunting chimes of "Rhiannon" and ends with a feeling not dissimilar from Mick Fleetwood's debilitating addiction to alcohol.

On a sidenote: "Sara", possibly one of the best songs ever written, doesn’t come into the mix until technically one minute over the hour, and lasts a full 8:49 minutes—two minutes and twenty-seven seconds more than the "Sara" you may know and love. That’s because it’s from the Tusk Tour Rehearsals recording session, in which Stevie prefaces her version of the song with the words “I want to be a star/I don’t want to be a cleaning lady anymore.” And it’s meant for you to enjoy in your most maudlin moment.

Posted: August 11, 2008
Blame It On My Wild Heart: Fleetwood Mac Power Hour