Freeload: TI Makes Us Sad On A Jazmine Sullivan Song

Remember when TI’s guest verse on “My Love” finally gave you cover to sneak some of your boy band love into those workout tapes for your bros? And by workout tapes for your bros, we mean top ten lists for national publications. Those were heady days, friends, and they are long gone. Despite “No Matter What” getting us slightly feverish for TI’s album, we’ve found it pretty easy to ignore its other leaked songs. And now he’s on Jazmine Sullivan’s nice little Lauren Hill-like “Need U Bad” and the words that come out of his mouth are not only not cool but actually kind of bumming us out. We would recount in detail but it would make us feel better if you just listened and commiserated. For the original TI-free version of “Need U Bad”, watch the video above.

Download: Jazmine Sullivan f. TI, “Need U Bad”

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