Freeload: Lloyd “I’m Wit It”

Continuing the shout-outs to underappreciated R&B sangers on the blog, can we talk about how the new Lloyd album is secretly dope? Don’t let the bait-and-switch lead single “Girls Around The World” and it’s tired Rakim sample fool you. Lessons In Love is filled with spacey loverboy jams (shit, the iTunes bonus cut is even called “Love Spaceship”) and echo-ed out electronic production flourishes. It’s the logical progression from “Get It Shawty” on his last album, which, lets be honest, begat the entire “Sensual Seduction” era of vapor-light, uptempo club production. Respect the architect! If Lloyd wasn’t still best known as the shirtless teenager on Ja Rule’s label, people would be tripping over themselves to talk it up. Ah well. At least we still have the blippy and awesome “I’m Wit It” (courtesy of Usher’s lil bro and “Get It Shawty” mastermind J-Lack) for the secret stash.

Download: Lloyd “I’m Wit It”

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