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Freeload: Crystal Castles, "Death (White Lies Remix)"

First thing in the morning, nothing beats an email with the subject "Death." Really. It's better than free scones in the office kitchen. It's like, Oh great, now our own mortality is emailing us. Like we don't have enough to do already. And then you actually read the email and it's just a new Crystal Castles remix of one of their tourmates' songs. Lord only knows who White Lies is, but according to Cannibal Cheerleader, the source of this song, they played a couple shows with Crystal Castles in the UK recently. More importantly, Crystal Castles both improves on the somewhat middling original and hints at a possible future for themselves beyond their trademark 8-bit vamping. Not that we couldn't get down to Nintendo all day long but we're curious to see what else they can do. To see what they are doing now, fly to England, where they are playing a number of club shows and festivals.

Download: Crystal Castles, "Death (White Lies Remix)"

Freeload: Crystal Castles, "Death (White Lies Remix)"