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Video: T-Pain f. Lil Wayne, "Can't Believe It"

Between this and Cassie's "Official Girl" video, we could very easily make this about how horny Lil Wayne makes us, but T-Pain deserves his own post. Not because he makes us hornier than Wayne does (impossible) but because, well, he inspires us. The video is some fancy green-screening by Syndrome and reminds us of that scene in It where the clown pops up out of the shower drain. Appropriately, the album for which it is a promotion, Thr33 Ringz, comes out just before Halloween, but Teddy, of course, has given us the new Pree Ringz mixtape to build anticipation. Listen to and download it below.

Download: T-Pain's Pree Ringz Mixtape

Video: T-Pain f. Lil Wayne, "Can't Believe It"