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Freeload: DJ Laz f. T-Pain, “Esa Morena 08”

August 29, 2008

Pitbull's recent single "The Anthem" was built off a sizeable chunk of the Euro hit "Calabria," but it also borrowed liberally from DJ Laz's 1991 bass nugget "Mami El Negro," resulting in perhaps the single best throwback move of this whole retro-ass year. Two decades of Miami club cheese, mashed up like a margarita in a plastic 22-oz yard glass. ¡Toma! But if "The Anthem" melted your face off, "Esa Morena" gives the rest of your body the Raiders Of The Lost Ark treatment by updating Laz's spazzy 1996 merengue hybrid "Esa Morena" with a heaping helping of T-Pain. (Maybe you've heard of that guy?) Somebody go remake Maestro's "Table Dance" next! For more Miami Bass goodies - including some backstory on both those Laz originals - check out DJ Craze's Vinyl Archaeology from F53.

Download: Freeload: DJ Laz f. T-Pain, "Esa Morena 08"

Posted: August 29, 2008
Freeload: DJ Laz f. T-Pain, “Esa Morena 08”