Freeload: F2 The New Soul Podcast

September 12, 2008

Last week marked the release of the latest issue of F2, our quarterly online only magazine powered by Timberland, this time dedicated to The New Soul. If your ears are curious what the words your eyes have been reading sound like, check out our companion audio podcast mixed precisely (and soulfully) by OP! of our web brethren Suite903. Download it now and ride the midnight space waves with music from Flying Lotus, Jazmine Sullivan, Keziah Jones, Little Dragon and more.


Jazmine Sullivan, "Need U Bad"

Little Dragon, "Recommendation"

Plantlife, "Sumthin About Her"

Free the Robots, "Jazzhole"

Keziah Jones, "Lagos vs. New York"

Nosaj Thing, "1685"

Flying Lotus (ft. Dolly), "Roberta Flack"

Muhsinah, "Millions"

Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi, "Kobwebs New"

Posted: September 12, 2008
Freeload: F2 The New Soul Podcast