Live: My Bloody Valentine Sends Us to the Eye and Ear Infirmary

September 23, 2008

Before heading over to Roseland for My Bloody Valentine's first of two sold out nights in New York, we stopped by the drugstore and picked up ear plugs from Hearos' Xtreme Protection series (NRR 33, motherfuckers!). It's not that we didn't trust the free earplugs the venue was handing out, but we had been forewarned about the sonic noise levels from ATP last weekend and didn't want to take any chances. No one had warned us about the intensity of the lightshow, however, which attacked our photoreceptor/cone cells and may have left us with some permanent blind spots. If you are heading to tonight's show, we highly suggest bringing along your Blu Blockers. Highlights from last night included J. Mascis coming out and jamming reverb alongside the flutist in the opening band, watching some dude fist-pump with an asthma inhaler, and hearing just about everything you'd want/expect from MBV in a venue with poor sightlines. After the jump, our 5 stages of thought during the seemingly never-ending encore climax:


I can hear my nasal cavity vibrating—I need my own plexi-glass barriers!

Whoa, this is going on kinda long—what time is it? It's only Monday!

Wait, shit...this might rupture my internal organs—where's my appendix??

Is this song ever going to end???

(Ed. get ready for the nerd stoning, heretic.)

Posted: September 23, 2008
Live: My Bloody Valentine Sends Us to the Eye and Ear Infirmary