An Affectionate Conversation about Keyshia Cole

October 03, 2008

Keyshia Cole recently performed at the final event in the Heineken Red Star Soul series in New York. We couldn't make it due to deadlines, but our good friend The Good Reverend Dr.J was there so we hit him up to discuss her performance and our mutual love for the Oakland native whose new Love Album will be out for the holiday season.

Interview by Peter Macia

Alright, so I saw some pictures of Keyshia on and she's looking real good

no more red hair

Yes indeed..she's looking nice

How did she sound though?

Well I wasn't really a fan of the sound system and or the engineers that night as DJ Cassidy had numerous problems with them...

but despite that she sounded good

Was she singing new stuff or the hits?

She ran thru some of the new stuff as well as the hits..

ended the show with more newer stuff

Wait she has a new album coming out soon right?

she does..

The Love Album.


thats the name of the last song she did

that night

i believe

Did it make you love her?

I already loved Keyshia

Take note that I kind of love her too, so watch out.

"Get yo hands off my Woman" (c) Leroy's lil bro in last dragon

Oh dude, Keyshia is kind of the Vanity of 2008

That's actually not that true

Nah man

Vanity was from Canada

she from the Bay


Who's the last great singer out of Oakland?


Now there's a collabo

I'm shocked we haven't seen one from them yet

Maybe it'll happen. You know she reads The FADER dot com everyday.

I get emails from her all the time.


wow so she really is your woman

Purely platonic. I'm taken.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you give her performance, ignoring all the sound problems, etc?

ignoring the sound problems...i give her a 9 maybe

the back up dancers were on point

so was the band

Nice. And on a scale of 1 to 10, how many Heinekens did you drink?


I can't drink beer under pressure

I.e. that was the only thing you could get at the bar

I respect your selectivity. And responsibility. And I thank you for the firsthand report.

most def man


Keyshia 4ever


word up

Posted: October 03, 2008
An Affectionate Conversation about Keyshia Cole