Animal Collective Named Their New Album After a Place Where We Got Drunk Once

Animal Collective recently revealed the name and tracklist for their new album, due in January ’09. It is to be called Merriweather Post Pavilion after a venue in Columbia, Maryland where many a tie-dyed white man has consumed his body weight in mushrooms and beer to the tune of Widespread Panic’s “Pickin’ Up the Pieces.” An odd choice, for sure, but there’s probably someone on the Collectin Animals board who can explain it to you, if you so desire. Just respect the vibes over there… seriously. Gorilla vs Bear did the dirty work and rounded up some YouTube and live versions of some of the songs on the tracklist, which you can see right below here:

1. In the Flowers
2. My Girls
3. Also Frightened
4. Summertime Clothes
5. Daily Routine
6. Bluish
7. Guys Eyes
8. Taste
9. Lion in a Coma
10. No More Runnin
11. Brother Sport

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