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Freeload: Max Tundra, “Playboy” (Hot Chip Cover)

October 28, 2008

"Playboy" was definitely one of our favorite songs on Hot Chip's debut Coming on Strong, but it came out so long ago that we didn't even have a website then and couldn't write about it on the internet like everyone else, though we did get our chance in print. Fortunately for us, Domino just put up a free download of Max Tundra's new cover of "Playboy," so we can finally say Hey, have you guys heard this song "Playboy"? It's one of our favorites on Hot Chip's new album Coming on Strong. Maybe Max Tundra will cover it someday and make it just a little bit weirder, that'd be alright.

Download: Max Tundra, "Playboy" (Hot Chip Cover)

Freeload: Max Tundra, “Playboy” (Hot Chip Cover)