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Video: Kanye West, "Heartless/Pinocchio Story" (Live on SNL)

Since we are dedicated and tireless journalists, we made sure to catch (okay, DVR and watch at 4pm the next day) Kanye's appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Kanye, along with the now requisite SNL backing band and a crazy flatscreen, made us think he could be one of the ballsiest performers of our generation (he's the voice of it), at least when it comes to performances on national TV. After seeing him do this on awards shows, morning talk, late night and now Saturday night, it's become clear that Kanye can't sing but does anyway and makes hits out of his incompetence. After a fairly awkward performance of "Love Lockdown" earlier in the show, Kanye transitioned from equally awkward "Heartless" into "Pinocchio Story," and seriously, anyone who has the guts to yell "I just want to be a real boy" knowing it will be seen by millions of people is definitely going out on a limb. There is a reason we put this dude on our cover twice.

Video: Kanye West, "Heartless/Pinocchio Story" (Live on SNL)