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Freeload: Drake, “Congratulations” + So Far Gone Mixtape

February 18, 2009

T-dot resident/Degrassi High alumnus Drake recently released his So Far Gone mixtape which we'd actually been semi-heavily anticipating after a year or so of listening to him kill freestyles and guest verses with Lil Wayne and Kanye, whose styles he happens to mash together pretty effectively. The tape, oddly enough though, is mostly Drake singing-with-emotion rather than rapping, but this bonus track (from the physical release) is more like it with him going in on a chop of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida." YEAH GOING IN ON COLDPLAY SO WHAT. If you happen to be in Toronto tonight, Drake's throwing a party with Lebron James (dude makes friends) to celebrate So Far Gone's release. Find him on Facebook to get details.

Download: Drake, "Congratulations"

Download: Drake, So Far Gone mixtape

Freeload: Drake, “Congratulations” + So Far Gone Mixtape