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Freeload: Helado Negro, "Deja" MP3

The music we love is so often noisy that sometimes we need a song that strums along, like lemon sorbet after a heavy meal. So we enjoyed getting this track from Helado Negro, which places a premium on prettiness. A side project from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Florida producer Roberto Carlos Lange, who's worked with Prefuse 73 and School of Seven Bells, "Deja" bubbles with watery echos, soft clarinets and guitars, and Lange's quiet harmonies. Helado Negro is what Gal Costa might sound like if she spent the past decade listening to Animal Collective, French electronica, and a bit of hip-hop—which it sounds like Lange has.

Download: Helado Negro, "Deja"

Freeload: Helado Negro, "Deja" MP3