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Video: Rich Girl, "He Ain't Wit Me Now Tho"

So one time in about 2006, we were interviewing mega producer Rich Harrison (man responsible for Amerie's career and Beyonce's good album), and he was like "I have a girl group in the works called Rich Girl," and we were like, great! Who's in it! And he wouldn't tell us, presumably because he didn't know yet. Fast forward three years, Rich Girl is a reality, he found these chicks Seven, Audra, Lyndriette and Brave who are definitely using their real names, and gave them this BANANAS beat that sounds like he sampled some Eastern European 20th century quartet. Why wouldn't Harrison be fuxing with Gyorgy Kurtag? He is a genius.

Video: Rich Girl, "He Ain't Wit Me Now Tho"