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FADER TV: Major Lazer Live at the F62 Party

Last night about 400 of our closest and overarchingly attractive friends rolled up on a secret Bushwick rooftop for one of the most epic FADER issue release parties in recent history, celebrating FADER #62, starring Major Lazer and the new Mad Decent vanguard. We rented some palm trees, made a lifesize cardboard cutout of Rodney Dangerfield holding a boombox and handed out buckets of Budweiser and Southern Comfort. After amazing performances by NY princesa Maluca and Philly destruction punks Popo, Major Lazer commandeered the stage. Everybody at the party flocked to them like moths to flame: Their album dropped yesterday, and after their NY performance on Saturday, it seems like the entire city just developed an Empire State-sized boner for them. So when they performed party faves "Pon De Floor" and "Hold the Line," with bespoke-neon hypeman 77Klash, extra focused hand drummer Prince Terrence, and two of the most energetic young mummies we have ever seen, the crowd became the definition of berzerker. It was kind of cold outside, but it felt like the perfect spark for hopefully the best summer ever.

FADER TV: Major Lazer Live at the F62 Party