Editor's Letter

Whether it’s due to an astrological shift, under-stimulation or seasonal mood disorder, many folks around these parts have decided recently that the summer of 2009 needs to be the “Summer of Love.” They have put the phrase on party fliers and birthday invitations, and some of you may have received an email from a FADER staffer with “Summer of Love ’09” in the subject line or signature. This was probably a business email and you probably thought it was weird, so sorry, we’re on a mission. But don’t get all excited thinking it’s going to be hook-up HQ on the 13th floor—we are talking platonically. So much heaviness has happened in the last year that we’ve decided to spend the entire solstice soaking up as much love from friends and family as possible, grilling wieners (real and vegan) and watching sunsets. In light of that, we’ve chosen to focus this issue on people who are making it happen by sticking together. On one cover we have the united French front of Phoenix, whose new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, was crafted in the same basement where they jammed as teenagers many moons ago. If you do not find yourself jumping for joy while playing it in the coming months, you are probably an insufferable robot.

On the flip side, we collaged Diplo, Switch, Popo, Sega and Maluca, bka Major Lazer and the Mad Decent new vanguard, because they are the scrappiest family we have seen in a long time and are about to roll through your party with the most functionally dysfunctional mess of Latin spunk, domineering riddims, jerky bro thrash and hyperactive bass the world has ever known. We also sent the inscrutable Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls on a California road trip to hang with her buds Crocodiles, Wavves and Family Time Records and went down to Atlanta to see how Young Dro plans to support Grand Hustle and the swag movement. Not to mention, there are three Coppolas directly or indirectly involved with this issue, and Jason Schwartzman supposedly really wants one of our Panda Bear hats. Someone call Talia Shire and Nick Cage. We’re having a picnic up in here!