Editor's Letter

Four years and seven weeks ago, I was brought forth upon a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon by then FADER senior editor Eric Ducker to discuss my first freelance masterpiece for the magazine. It was a 150-word blurb on Ariel Pink's Human Ear Music label, and Ducker suggested I "pull it back in a couple places." In all fairness, it probably didn't need that many Scientology references. Great advice from a great editor. That was issue #42, and I sent it to my family as if it were a Nobel certificate. I'd been a fan of FADER since the very beginning, and it felt like an honor to contribute, even if it had only been that one time. Fortunately for me, it was not. Thirty issues and countless unforgettable experiences later, I am filing my last piece for the magazine. I am packing up my Young Jeezy snow globe and my Panda Bear fitted baseball hat and leaving the future to the Fishbowl (our editorial office). I still feel the same pride in this issue as that first one, if not more, but I look forward to just being a fan again.

It's nice to leave on our annual Spring Style issue, the first we've actually finished in 2011, like christening a ship then heading to the bar to watch it sail out to sea. To the current staff, godspeed and stiff drinks, you guys are the best. To you, the reader, thank you for hanging with us during tumultuous times for the printed word and recorded music. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading these pages as much as we have enjoyed making them. Things can only get more interesting.

Finally, to Eric Ducker and everyone else who's passed through these offices over the last four years—Will, Nick, Lindsey, Phil, Dot, Aliya, Chioma, Stats, Cole, Julianne, Chris, Dave, Felipe, Erin, Treats, Rosemary, Kaela, Kim and Marlina—thank you and sorry for the massive headaches. Rob, Jon, Andy and Anthony: I owe you guys forever, And most of all, to Alex Wagner, former editor in chief; thank you for giving me a job in the first place, and for reminding us all that even when it seemed like the ultimate drama putting it together, FADER is still just a magazine that comes out (now six times a year) as is sol in Barnes & Noble for $5.99. How much for a blog post?