Editor's Letter

After gallivanting across the globe for the FADER’s Africa issue, we were happy to return to our New York grind (ie eating Newman-Os, drinking coffee, bumping Bobby Creekwater). Office culture at the FADER isn’t that different from any other American workplace. We take staff field trips to matinee screenings of Step Up 2. We gather round the microwave to debate whether or not Cheryl Burke is feeling Blaqstarr. We rock our hips. And wave. And sip. In other words, we like to MOVE, and while it was never our intent to create an issue brimming with unstoppable dance jams, when all was said and done, F53 definitely brought us closer to the boogie.

It started in the misty climes of Portland, Oregon, where we crowned disco darlings Glass Candy with a cover story. T Cole Rachel convinced Ida No and Johnny Jewel to share their rabbit food and explain how, after a decade of art-damaged punkrockery, they’ve found inner peace on the dancefloor. Next logical question: "Where can we watch 10,000 16-year-olds losing collective control of their limbs?" Answer: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where hometown superhero Lil Boosie had an entire arena of youngsters going bonkers to anthems of yore and summer smashes to come. Back home in New York, the funk ambushed us from all sides: über-label DFA has rediscovered its pulse after recruiting a new regime of bedroom beatsmiths, Brooklyn’s Ricky Blaze is making highly caffeinated (and highly hyphenated) reggae-techno-pop-reggae, and daring duo Telepathe have been busy splicing the DNA of the Cocteau Twins and the Ying Yang Twins. And lets not forget the beer-swilling bros of Ladyhawk. Sure, they’re our only profiled artistes not inspiring elaborate pop-lock routines, but drummer Ryan Peters says they can’t get Netflix up in Vancouver, and how else are dudes supposed
to brush up on You Got Served?

In addition to the new sounds that always flood the pages of the FADER, you might also notice some new names on our masthead. We promise to hold you close without stepping on your feet. And maybe start a dance vlog, too.