Editor's Letter

Five years ago I dressed almost exclusively in a peach tank top that said “California Beach” on the front, a Washington Nationals baseball hat, some kind of shorts and old Nikes that were held together with liquid polymer and packing tape. I lived in California, had no car and slept in a hammock on my patio when it got really hot in early fall. In the winter of 2006, I got a job at The FADER and came to New York to meet the staff. It never gets that much colder than about 50 degrees in Los Angeles, so to cope with the relative frigidity of NYC, I wore five layers up top and pulled my socks to my knees under my jeans. One of the first people I met in the building was Chioma Nnadi, our current style director and the visionary of FADER fashion since 2005. She didn’t even raise an eyebrow at my hobo outfit, which is testament to her unique generosity of spirit as an arbiter of sartorial taste. Chioma is the only person I know who can alter your entire aesthetic without you even knowing it. She doesn’t impose or insult or critique really—she tells you when you’ve done something right, even if it’s a small achievement, such as wearing complementary colors. You take pride in this accomplishment, it becomes an enduring game of impressing her, and the next thing you know, your closet has been filled with clothes that you can wear forever with pride. This is the same principle Chioma has led the style department with since her arrival, and one we will surely miss now that she is making the jump to a dream position at the most storied fashion title in the world, Vogue. They don’t even know how good she is yet. With this issue of our annual fall fashion special, we hope you pay particular attention to Chioma’s work, because A) she’s the best and B) you won’t see it here again. Congrats and godspeed, Chioms, may the peach tank top of life always hang from your shoulders.