Editor's Letter

People tend to get bummed out around fall, what with the unceremonious dismissal of the vitamin D replenishing force known as “sun” and the looming threat of school/work/taxes/social life-debilitating blizzards, but we at The FADER like to take this opportunity to celebrate what we hate about summer. No good prime time. Peer encouragement to drink tasteless beer. Jerks wearing flip flops on the subway (ew). Lame relationships wrought by seasonal delusion. Tan lines. Furthermore, autumn is the time when the BEST CLOTHES HAPPEN, which is why our superstar style team rallied together for our annual Fall Fashion Spectacular. And, lest ye doth be twisted, it is indeed spectacular. Mobolaji and photographer Tierney rolled out to the mountainous mountains of dry Idaho (obviously) to delve into the rugged style climate in America’s thirty-ninth most populous state (it’s true!). Meanwhile at FADER HQ, Chioma and Erin were scouring the world’s merch tables for stylish bandwear that transcends the dude-in-rock-tee archetype and is elegant enough to land a heavy-ro wardrobe spot. We invest in synergy, see? No Age won unanimously, but can I just honorable-mention my Keyshia Cole tee with a silver dagger stabbed in
a heart? Yeah I think they were more going for subtle.

We also kept it real fashiony on the music side, cause this b is like a badminton game with no losers. I delved, somewhat disastrously, into the world of young Brooklyn voguers…disastrously because in the process of writing the story I Naomi Campbelled myself (fell in a towering shoe, y’all) and dislocated my elbow. Thank you Fort Greene Hospital ER for the assist, I’ll never forget you, don’t ever change. I’m typing this with one hand. While I was getting morphine shots from Dr. Hallaj, Pete was in Sweden and Stats was in JA for our respective cover stories on the inscrutable magic of pop situationists The Tough Alliance (they look like the Funny Games dudes but no killing) and future-tense iconic dancehall fierce force Busy Signal. In Sweden, Pete also attended a bachelor party.

We also got mega lucky and discovered Felipe Delerme. This masterful purveyor of brainframe and pen-fencing spent real time in Dallas, ninth largest U.S. city FYI, for our D-Town scene piece. He is also SO terrific and so FADER, we immediately hired him. Yay Felipe! We expect you to be enjoying jazz lunch and Bonobo’s vegetarian nut meat with a quickness.

So DUDES, don’t get sad cause you got to deflate your pool and drag out the wellies from the dark part of the closet. Fall means electricity and everything is happening with The FADER. Entrez-vous.