Editor's Letter

Now that the fall semester is in full swing and all of us here have our noses buried in the books at FADER U (killer soccer team, decent cafeteria, smelly but capable student body), it's important to remember to take a break from the studies and let loose with some calisthenics, a brewski or maybe just some casual facial stretches. With "study break" in mind, we went to the reigning King of the Dance, aka Naeem Juwan bka Spank Rock, and asked him what he had up his sleeve for the early winter. When he responded with "a five-song EP inspired by 2 Live Crew," we thought it would be not only an inspired but extraordinarily filthy breath of fresh air to get him in conversation with 2 Live Crew's Uncle Luke for a primer on How to Tear Up the Club. Not surprisingly, the Q&A you'll find inside details the impossibly lewd and patoom-toom-shaking careers both Naeem and Luke have had thus far. Do: feel the beat. Don't: hope that girls will sit on your face during midterms.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer their distractions to be of the gawky, obsessive Southern variety-you're in luck! We managed to finagle some kissing time with Deerhunter's Bradford Cox and the Black Lips' Cole Alexander right as Cox finished work on his upcoming Atlas Sound solo project—writer T Cole Rachel braved marauding hobos and bizarre love triangles to get the story. Other attention grabbers you'll find inside include: Eddie Stats on Jamaican hurricanes and the return of Jah Cure, an essay on What Simian Mobile Discoers Jas Shaw and James Ford Did Over Their Summer Vacation (yes: nitrous no: ankle tats), some down home dipping with Band of Horses and a bunch of choice quotes from Freeway regarding his sins, Dame Dash, and why Jay Z is the Homie. You will also find an extensive series of portraits featuring students from the Door—a multieverything stop for kids looking for a GED, anonymous HIV testing and/or DJ classes. They're a tough, irrepressible bunch and make us FADER sophomores look like total softies. Speaking of which, the ice milk machine at the snack bar has been broken for the last three weeks, so if someone could contact the maintenance crew, it would be great. In the meantime, we will be slurping ramen and memorizing Nietzsche. The interns are working on their Freshman 15 and we're getting fat for the winter: next issue is our 50th and you know we're gonna need all the energy we can muster for that one. Until then, please keep the fucking Frisbees away from us on the quad and see you in History of Baile Funk 101!