Editor's Letter

A typical Tuesday in the FADER office will likely showcase any number of unique fashion statements: Mobolaji might be eating cookies in a green tie-dyed caftan, Chioma could be clicking around in shoes with experimental heels, and Phil will almost certainly be buried somewhere under a summer scarf (you think it's an oxymoron but it isn't) and last issue's proofs. Our West Coast office rides to work exclusively on an avocado colored skateboard (it's really long), so they prefer cotton socks with very tiny palm trees on them. Yours truly favors French nautical wear (stripes, life preservers, croissants for ocean crossings) in the early fall but it is not out of the question to see a jodhpur make an appearance after Labor Day. It's fluid like that. Given this, putting together our September Style Spectacular is always a challenge and a pleasure: how best to showcase the FADER world of sartorial excellence, bravado and impunity?

This season, among our now-traditional XXL style section, we've added some bold new profiles of movers and shakers in the world of tailoring and threadcount: Andre Walker, Matthew Eberhart and the Coconut Twins will never be found in the same dressing room (maximum five garments!), but all bring very distinct and rare taste to the fashion game. Further on in the Spectacular, you'll see a fiercely original back alley street style expose featuring an inordinate amount of sassiness and direct eye contact (take notes). Meanwhile, our cover star, Devendra Banhart, prefers dark wash flares and Venezuelan sandals, but he also recently began a collection of vintage bowties that—while not particularly extensive—already has an impressive array of polkadotting. And back cover star Quik is the only superhero in rap who can voyage from serious braidery to a deadly serious perm overnight —with extraordinary finesse and a truly lustrous mane.

This is all to say: after looking in the mirror to confront our own frightening mastery of style, we thought bigger, better, bolder—and this is the result. Yves St Laurent and Mr Christian Dior: if you can hear us, we are up for the challenge. Are we still scared of shoulder pads? Will we let this pair of saddle shoes collect dust? And what about the mohair throw? If you know us, then you have your answers. Onwards!



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