Freeload: Keri Hilson f. The Clipse, “Eyes On Me” Produced by The Neptunes MP3

“Drop down and get your eagle on!” Oh wait, that’s a different song. And generally just a different era. One where Drake was still a teenage Canadian TV star, Keri Hilson was a songwriter for Ciara, Clipse were languishing and angry and the Neptunes were on the cover of FADER. It’s always trite to pine for a gilded past, but “Eyes On Me” is giving us a rap/R&B collabo hankering. Not to say that this song isn’t good, it is, it’s just not great. I like them fast girls/ who like them fast cars. Cool, good to know. That bubble effect over Keri Hilson’s verse is cool, though. Oh also we heard Mike Jones is jacked now, welcome to the future.

Download: Keri Hilson f. The Clipse, “Eyes On Me” Produced by Neptunes (via Nahright)

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