Freeload: Wale + 9th Wonder Back to the Feature Mixtape (Mixed by Nick Catchdubs)

At the beginning of this primarily 9th Wonder-produced mixtape, Wale says, “People be like, ‘Can you put the fucking tape out, Wale? You’re lazy…’” We’re definitely not calling Wale lazy, but dude needs to get an album out as soon as he can. Until then, we can make do with this mixtape, which is awesome enough to carry us for a couple months. We’ve had not-so-nice words for 9th Wonder’s production before (“His snares sound like someone slapping a wet cardboard box” etc), but Wale and his guests, who range from Beanie Sigel to Freeway to Daniel Merriweather to an excellent verse-for-verse tradeoff song with Bun B, make us forget all about the past. And of course the guiding hand of FADER-fam and awesome dude Nick Catchdubs, who has mixed all of Wale’s tapes to date, deserves some credit, too.

Download: Wale + 9th Wonder, Back to the Feature Mixtape

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