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Freeload: The-Dream f. R. Kelly, "Kelly's 12-Play (Remix)" MP3

We must confess, The-Dream told us he had written "Kelly's 12-Play" before we ever heard it. He told us this in a kinda noisy bar so we didn't fully grasp the concept—we were convinced it was a song he had written for Kellz, not about him. Because, like, why would an R&B dude sing about doing it to another R&B dude's late-career album? Isn't that kind of weird? Wouldn't Dream be freaked that his girl would be thinking about Kellz mid-"engagement"? Then we finally heard it and understood its greatness, but still felt it BEGGED for a Kellz version, because singing about doing it to his own album is basically the most Kellzian thing we can think of at this point. And, voila! It's Kellz singing about himself in a Dream voice. Now, question three: When is this track gonna get the Charlie Kaufman treatment? Let's go full pedal Möbius strip, dudes.

Download: The-Dream f. R. Kelly, "Kelly's 12-Play (Remix)"

Freeload: The-Dream f. R. Kelly, "Kelly's 12-Play (Remix)" MP3