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Exclusive Freeload: Cold Cave, “Life Magazine” MP3

June 30, 2009

Until now, what we like most about Cold Cave is their crisp, crystal shell coated over a gleeful heart of mush. Secret is, they are fun. While they look laconic in black and white, stoic while performing, undoubtedly there is a light spring to their musical step, though it seemed to be hidden beneath the hard clang of ice goth. But no more. The curtain has been drawn and beneath it sits an overflowing of happy goo. "Life Magazine," from their upcoming Love Comes Close, is sung entirely by Caralee McElroy, also of Xiu Xiu, and swims soft, an unmistakable pop bubble bursting bar after bar. The happy pangs of New Order are still present in guitar swoops and synth bloops but Cold Cave is so much further down the saccharine rabbit hole, which is, we're sure, where they belong.

Download: Cold Cave, "Life Magazine"

Posted: June 30, 2009
Exclusive Freeload: Cold Cave, “Life Magazine” MP3