Video: Rye Rye f. MIA, “Bang”

MIA directed this video for her young youth protegé, Bmore sweetheart Rye Rye, and it looks virtually identical to half the stuff on Brooklyn Cable Access (but with more neon outfits), which is brilliant. Somehow extra lo-fi video FX and scrappy animation (i.e. Major Lazer “Hold the Line” video) seem exactly right for recession times, like with all our circumstantially forced-DIYness and dearth of resources people have foregone pricey HD and dug up the Betacam from a box in their parents’ basement. The budget was clearly spent on Rye Rye’s epic makeup job (props) and handiwipes to erase the sweat from peoples’ brows, most of which went to Rye Rye cause she is the best dancer.

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  1. TopBananas says:

    Considering how gritty and frantic the track is, I think the video epitomizes the song.

    ps. It’s gonna take a sec to get used to the new website but kudos!

  2. eTarrd says:

    Just out of curiosity…………why are they showing the Philly skyline?? Thought this was about repping Bmore….

  3. Bass says:

    Great Dancing. Thats pretty much it. The video clip is not impressive sry. Try again MIA. But i got to say this track is gonna get lots of BURN in the CLUB.

  4. Rude says:

    nice vid to a banging track…is that diplo dancing in the tux?