Video: Drake, “Best I Ever Had”

Drake may have just signed with Young Money/Universal, but his first foray into big time solo music videos is with the guy he claims is his guiding spirit and inspiration, Kanye West, who directed this, eh, buoyant clip for the song that is played every 15 minutes on every radio station in America. Watch til the end for top notch innuendo.

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  1. TopBananas says:

    Everyone is complaining about this video on every outlet online. But to quote Method Man in Garden State, “Who just saw some t^tties? Raise your hand if you saw some t^tties.”

  2. jaxson says:

    i personally do not have a problem with this video at all :-)

  3. josh says:

    the video is rubbish.

  4. Gil says:

    Video Is BOMB.
    That one bitch is fine as fuck!

  5. Cubez says:

    I think Kanye wants to see Drake fail lol. Hopefully Drake will get a chance to do the video over again, but right now I’d like to get some cash together to get those ladies some bras….. lol

  6. ScottyB says:

    *Raises Hand*

    I respect the video just because it’s different. People have been too accustomed to shallow and standard videos. So since this one is unique, it’s not even coherent to them.

  7. Paul Cushenberry says:

    This Video is a big metaphor its just showing he calls every girl the best if you didnt notice

  8. ibeat says:

    I just saw this video. I’m I too late. Its cute in anycase. You the fuckin’ best!