Warpaint, “Billie Holiday” MP3

Photographer Lauren Dukoff
July 07, 2009

A couple weeks ago, we posted Warpaint's dreamy "Elephants" and told you guys to go check the band out on their West Coast tour dates and report back to us. Still none of those dates have passed, we are still envious of California's sunny days (which we New Yorkers nearly have to sacrifice babies to get this year) and we still have more Warpaint music to give to you, this one even dreamier but a little less mythically inclined. Find it on the band's soon-to-be-reissued Exquisite Corpse EP on Manimal Vinyl, September 22nd. [Insert animated gif of hawk flying through dreamcatcher]

Download: Warpaint, "Billie Holiday"

Posted: July 07, 2009
Warpaint, “Billie Holiday” MP3