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Stream: MNDR, "Fade to Black"


It's tempting to picture currently-NY-based producer/vocalist MNDR 24-7 surrounded by hotwired gear, Frankensteinian drum machines and patched together pedals, a sort of musical robot extension of her arms—her crystal-clear pop voice and gleaming beat sequences just invokes that shit. "Fade to Black" is a total iPod burner, completely anthemic in a song-of-the-summer style with an outburst chorus that evokes the bigness of "Kids in America" or Pat Benetar's "Invincible"—which is not to say it's retro, just that it makes us want to walk down the street with our crew, amassing unrelated passersby until we have like a Puerto Rican Day Parade-sized posse following us down Madison, all singing the chorus of this in unison. So maybe MNDR is secretly Ferris Bueller? Listen to it on her MySpace, along with another epic, the wobbly new "Jump In."

Stream: MDNR, "Fade to Black"

Stream: MNDR, "Fade to Black"