Drake, “Do It Now” MP3

Here at The Fader, we come across music we fall in love with almost daily. Concurrent with the rules of the internet, we then share it with you. Most recently, Associate Editor Felipe Delerme was so struck by a recent Drake leak, that he felt the need to address the artist himself:

This song appeared in the blogosphere sometime last week along with a couple of other Drake songs, both recent and not so recent, and I didn’t bother to listen to any of them until Pete played “Do It Now” on EVR on Friday and then again when I requested it at Fadernoon on Saturday. The song is clearly unfinished and aside from Drake mumbling some melodies to himself where the chorus should be, the beat sounds like Ryan Leslie playing around with the “galactic organ” setting on his keyboard (which is how I imagine he starts all his songs), but I feel like I’ve probably listened to this a hundred times between Saturday and now. As is, “Do It Now” is great and it sounds like the makings of a song Drake was born to make. I’m not sure where the title comes from, cause I don’t think he even says the phrase, but Drake, if you’re listening, please finish this shit. Do it now.

Download: Drake, “Do It Now”

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  1. Patrick says:

    Isn’t the beginning of the first verse pulled from “Invented Sex?”

  2. Felipe Delerme says:

    Indeed it is, but some would argue that it sounds a trillion times better over this beat than that one.

  3. Nancy says:

    this songs on the ‘Heartbreak Drake 2′ Mixtape. im so happy drakes gonna be on the cover !!!

  4. ur daddys says:

    fuck dis song its gay as ur mother bitches….fuck u cripses

  5. nya says:

    ahhh i have been wrestling with this for months! searchin everywhere for a complete version, but it is still nowhere to be found. does any1 have any news on it?

  6. Miszgucci says:

    i love the beat ……

  7. everywhere there’s success.. haters follow ..

    but anywho! .. i ♥ tthhiiss..