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Rye Rye, "Rock Off Shake Off" MP3


We still cannot get over the fact that Rye Rye is pregnant in the "Bang" video. If we were pregnant we would be sitting on our couch eating popcorn, watching Oprah reruns, bitching excessively and cursing the bastard who planted the bun in our oven, not dancing our asses off and looking super cute and being awesome. Some people have different skill sets. They're offering this new Daft Punk-sampling electro banga on the finally-launched N.E.E.T. site, where you should go now if you want MIA's hand to flip you the bird while you bang your head on Rye Rye's sub bass.

Download: Rye Rye, "Rock Off Shake Off"

Rye Rye, "Rock Off Shake Off" MP3