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Schlachthofbronx, Belly Full of Pills Mix


For the Bavarian bass party in Schlachthofbronx's release schedule, these German pranksters compiled a mix of wobbly house excerpts from their forthcoming Belly Full of Pills. The proper EP features Slush Puppy Kids aka South African bros Spoek Mathambo and Big Space, while this preview showcases their overdriven house synths on reggae/reggaeton beat patterns and gets fairly nasty on the vocals to frame the confluence of flashing lights with flailing booty. Also, it's possible they are inventing new genres: At about 9:15, it gets real Addams Family-y with the organ tweets... should we call it haunted house? Ha!

Download: schlachthofbronx, "Belly Full of Pills Mix"

Schlachthofbronx, Belly Full of Pills Mix