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Frankie Knuckles' Resident Advisor Mix


The term "house music" derives from the music played at The Warehouse, a club in Chicago that Frankie Knuckles regularly DJ'd at in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Knuckles, a true pioneer, released hit after hit—many with the assistance of vocalist Jamie Principle, including the classic "Your Love," on which Animal Collective based "My Girls." Knuckles has continued to DJ, produce and remix since then, perfecting his style of emotionally strong but peculiarly ambiguous tracks, very often with some spaced-out vocalist. He has a way of making you feel warmly smothered and sharply scared at the same time. His new mix for Resident Advisor is no different, with creepy chanted echos and joyous keys mixing like kissing cousins. And he's got such a nice smile, too. If you're in New York, catch the legend's set at Electric Zoo September 6th.

Download: Franke Knuckles' Resident Advisor Mix

Frankie Knuckles' Resident Advisor Mix