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Marc Moureau, “A1” MP3

August 28, 2009

It's Friday morning in New York and it is still dark outside because of the rain. After listening to Mariah Carey cover Foreigner about seven times in the office and yelling gratuitous expletives about its awesomeness, this Marc Moureau song, despite being jamming disco, is a soothing salve. Hyper electronic synth funk basslines, paired with a nice 2009 dark roast. Marc Moureau is the alias of German electro producer Tensnake, which is an alias for actual dude Marco Niemerski. If you're making hot French-style seaside disco pour le club, taking on a name like "Marc Moureau" is a good idea. And serendipitously, he has a pic of Mariah on his Myspace, looking all Xanadu. (Listen to her track after the jump.)

Download: Marc Moureau, "A1" (via Neonized)

[youtube width="560" height="479"][/youtube]

Marc Moureau, “A1” MP3