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Sonido del Principe, "Cumbia 4 Life" Mixtape


Sonido del Principe, who may in fact be the biggest fan/purveyor of cumbia in Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, has made a compilation of his cumbia remixes which number way more than we thought before they were all sitting next to each other like this. Cumbia por vida indeed. As it happens, we've been addicted to his near-dubstepping refix of Bomba de Estereo's addictive single "Fuego," which is included, and a great example of what a specifically European sensibility injects into the genre—regular cumbia gets a little weirder, digital cumbia tracks get digitalier, and Mims sounds like he's being backed by a full 12-person percussion section with accordion in 1983 Bogotá (sort of). If you actually live in the Netherlands this is the next best approximation of tropical climates, but if you will be in Argentina, Canada or the United States during the month of November, you should make a note of his tour dates.

Download: Sonido del Principe, "Cumbia 4 Life" Mixtape

Sonido del Principe, "Cumbia 4 Life" Mixtape