Video: Raekwon, “Walk Wit Me”

Since Only Built for Cuban Linx II is already considered a classic album (was before it ever dropped, really), it should only follow that Raekwon make a classic video for the gritty “Walk Wit Me,” combining all the classic rap-vid imagery (a Gucci store, a boat, a kidnapping) with some of the newer trappings (Nuvo, early ’00s Hype Williams-style splitscreen, a t-shirt with geometric shapes on it). And, appropriately, the narrative is druggy as all hell, Hawaii skyline setting a backdrop for a dude talking on the phone to Rae, then tossing his phone into the ocean. The ocean turning blood-red is a nice touch. When Rae rolled through our office not long ago, he talked about some scripts he had in the works. If he never gets around to writing a movie, he could just add some dialogue to this video and we’re sure we’d be pretty satisfied. Play it on 106, BET!

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