Kid Cudi, “Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia RMX)” MP3

It’s really more of a cover, but after waking up to our clock radio alarm playing “Make Her Say” every single morning at 7:42 on the dot for the past 84 days straight (thanks Hot97), Cubic Zirconia‘s ditching of the original is a relief. Their ominous synth refix gets at the darker side of Gaga—the descending, sparse electro is a good companion piece to her scary red lace death shroud from the other night. But, thankfully, vocalist Tiombe Lockhart only hints at the crazy-making melody of the “Poker Face” sample, and transforms Cudi’s juvie BJ fantasy into a sarcastic parroting of the Kid’s retardo chorus, like “Oh yeah sure, I’ll do whatever you want dude. In yo dreams!” Which makes it rather feminist, and feels like a reclaiming of all the AM minutes we’ve been terrorized by Gaggy’s vaudevillian “uh oh”s.

Download: Kid Cudi, “Make Her Say” (Cubic Zirconia RMX)

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  1. pat says:

    fader, what’s up with the lack of cudi posts lately? dude has a new album out that’s incredible! you guys used to be so down with cudi and his mixtape shit… what? now that he’s got an actual album out you’ve jumped off the bandwagon!?

  2. koolhersh says:

    this is the shit.