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Kid Cudi, "Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia RMX)" MP3


It's really more of a cover, but after waking up to our clock radio alarm playing "Make Her Say" every single morning at 7:42 on the dot for the past 84 days straight (thanks Hot97), Cubic Zirconia's ditching of the original is a relief. Their ominous synth refix gets at the darker side of Gaga—the descending, sparse electro is a good companion piece to her scary red lace death shroud from the other night. But, thankfully, vocalist Tiombe Lockhart only hints at the crazy-making melody of the "Poker Face" sample, and transforms Cudi's juvie BJ fantasy into a sarcastic parroting of the Kid's retardo chorus, like "Oh yeah sure, I'll do whatever you want dude. In yo dreams!" Which makes it rather feminist, and feels like a reclaiming of all the AM minutes we've been terrorized by Gaggy's vaudevillian "uh oh"s.

Download: Kid Cudi, "Make Her Say" (Cubic Zirconia RMX)

Kid Cudi, "Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia RMX)" MP3