Video: Tiombe Lockhart, “Gone”

Brooklyn diva Tiombe Lockhart shows us five sides of heartbreak in her Costa Rica-set “Gone” video.


Former Cubic Zirconia member Tiombe Lockhart has dropped a fresh, self-directed video for her song "Gone." The visceral clip shows the Brooklyn diva playing a series of characters, each with their own distinct outfit and energy (viral quiz idea: Which "Gone" character are you?). It was shot on location in Costa Rica and I think the setting is key; it's interesting to see the world of hotel bars and built-in pools existing alongside a mostly deserted, naturally vibrant landscape. Tiombe had this to say:

"I wanted to show heartbreak through five different female archetypes:

1.The Crone, that lives at the bottom of the ocean, but came up in search for something.
2.The opposite of her: The Fool, Peach on the Beach.
3.Suicidal Housewife in the pool.
4.The ATLIEN/Narrator that roams the ruins and jungle.
5. And my favorite: the dancer, the most passionate and sexual of them all."

Video: Tiombe Lockhart, “Gone”