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La Yegros, "Trocitos" MP3


We've been waiting for the La Yegros since we saw her destroy NY Tropical a few months back... and at last, the Trocitos De Madera EP landed in our inbox. Her voice is amazing: somehow she conveys a raw urgency while sounding completely relaxed and conversational. Maybe it's world-weariness? The lyrics are about a girl who cries out "little pieces of wood" in the jungle, so that could do it. "Trocitos"'s cumbia swang was produced by King Coya, who also co-composed the amazing-looking waterworld dance performance Fuerza Bruta, so obviously this is on another fantastical level, but on the EP it also gets treatments by dj/rupture, Matt Shadetek, El Remolon (he of ZZK blood) and Marcelo Fabian. So anyway, when are we all moving to Buenos Aires?

Download: La Yegros, "Trocitos"

La Yegros, "Trocitos" MP3