Studio Time with MNDR

Right now MNDR is our favorite electronic pop singer/producer and gear head who crafts effervescent jams we simply cannot shake from our brains while posting the deepest, nerdiest, most pocket protectorly posts about synthesizers on her blog. When she’s not performing her “Pon de Floor” remix with Major Lazer at our parties or playing with addictive Oakland mind-gardeners tRIANGLE, she’s recording her debut album in a Chelsea studio with her colleague Peter Wade. We stopped by to hear some amazing new songs and talk to the duo about synths, patches, grindcore and unicorns.

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  1. TMT says:

    i’ve seen MNDR a couple times now in brooklyn — AWESOME!!!

    want to hear more!

  2. Nameless says:

    Yes. The world is about to get served some substance… fulfilling a major deficit for thoughtful rich sound! Really excited for your album to drop!

  3. applehat says:

    She’s soo cute..i like her sound…interested to hear more!!

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  6. LadyHusk says:

    There are lots of great nerdy electronic girls out there, please check out the new book Pink Noises by Tara Rodgers on Duke press! Its just a shame how a lot of them are just not as prominent as their male counterparts….

    Good to know Mndr is also part of an ever growing collection of great female artists who do it for themselves….