Florence & The Machine, “You’ve Got The Love (The XX Remix)” MP3

Florence & The Machine is pretty popular in the UK and virtually unknown here in the States. The XX seems relatively popular in the UK, but everyone we know thinks they are the best band “ever.” We agree mostly with the last appraisal and mostly because the band keeps making songs like this. Florence is totally over-the-top orchestral radio pop, so of course, since The XX isn’t over-the-top anything, they strip it all away and rebuild an intensely quiet 2-step/funky anthem with calypso tumbles and trademark whispers. Check the upcoming issue of The FADER for a story on the The XX, see them when they play another slew of dates all over the world (including the US in November) and make sure to pick up the new album XX on iTunes or wherever else you can find it.

Download: Florence & The Machine, “You’ve Got The Love (The XX Remix)” (via Stereogum)

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  1. alex says:

    I’m seeing these a week today. It feels a bit scandalous to say, but I think you’re right: best band ever. Put them on the cover!!

  2. Glen says:

    The best remix I have heard in many many years, first trak i have heard from you guys, can’t wait to hear more.
    keep up the awesome work.

  3. James says:

    God, I remember the original version of this song – it was in the charts while I was at school. Really amazing remix; can’t say I’m too fussed about hearing Florence’s version after listening to this.

  4. Tom says:

    I think it makes the song a bit depressing sorrry guys

  5. Michelle Le Dirty says:

    nothing and I mean nothing compares to Flo’s voice. This is a really great remix based on its down tempo vibe, but how can you possibly compare something you tap your feet to with something that makes you want to rip your soul out of your chest and have a shake down with it.

  6. Chris says:

    First class crazy good.

  7. Ash Mon£y says:

    Bring back that 2-step vibe!! Great remix, need more people to follow Burial’s lead and use basic garage beats with dark synths. Well played XX, wonderful work!!

  8. umstrum says:

    great great great song! i just can’t stop listening to it..

  9. Nema says:

    Wow, made me stop, pull over the car and listen with every one of my senses! what a fantatsic remix, sent shivers up my spine. I have now spent the morning trying to find it online instead of writing some policy document about the future of our music economyin the digital age! brilliant, thank you for reminding me why i work in the arts. Nema, uk

  10. Jac says:

    Where can you buy a copy of The XX remix track in the UK?
    Cant seem to find a site to download it and surprise surprise Itunes don’t have it.

  11. skegs says:

    Remix off the year you guys rock

  12. Cara says:

    This is easily the best remix I have heard all year and possibly in longer. LOVE IT. Thanks.

  13. Roberta says:

    Thanks so much for the download of this song!!! It just is. Can listen to over and over. Not available for sale anywhere that I can find. You guys are wonderful!!!

  14. Dawn says:

    this is way better than the original. just heard it on kexp.

  15. Tara says:

    Where do I buy a copy of this?!

  16. Jim says:

    While hearing this on KEXP in my car my dog started howling so I did too. Awesome!

  17. Channy says:

    AMAZING! This is one of those songs that made me stop and go whoa, what can top this? Changed my perceptive on music as soon as I heard it.

  18. jamie b says:

    absolote wank the shittyies thing iv ever heard pfft im 16 origional is awsome i will fing and beat the xx versions creator

  19. Peter Pan Catastrophy says:

    OMG, this whole remix and most of all the singer sounds awful to me. I can’t understand how anyone can call this “amazing” or “best remix”. I was shocked when I found this on Flo’s MySpace playlist having more plays than the original. I totally agree to what jamie b says…

  20. myhead says:

    the remix was played today at the local radio station….
    LOVE IT!

    thx 4 the dowload-opportunity!
    paul, bavaria

  21. SolidGroove says:

    This mix is off the hook! I rocked it at a party in Hollywood a couple of days ago and the crowd went wild… had several people come and ask who it was. Im now hunting for “the xx”… i’m hungry! Feed me some more of that dubstep.

  22. andres says:

    I love this song but is there a resemblance between the strings in Bonobo’s “Ketto”?

  23. Ben ST says:

    seriously, these guys are incredible… heard this in a shop, and spent ages trying to figure out who it was. Didnt believe the xx had made a remix of this brilliant song.. so good.
    you guys have basically made a new genre, and not only that, but one which everyone cant appreciate.