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Video: Slim Thug f. The Daily Show, "Still A Boss"

Slim Thug spent the past two nights on The Daily Show detailing his recession woes—not being able to make it rain, less video hoes—to Wyatt Cenac. You know, one night after our weekly East Village Radio show, we were eating at Lil Frankie's, the Italian restaurant next door, and Slim Thug came through. Frankie's is certainly not the cheapest restaurant in the world, but it's more Bon Appetit than Gourmet, and we all know how that worked out. So perhaps he has been working up to this new penny pincher attitude. After his appearance on the show the first night, solemnly firing his trusted hypeman for being too blunted when they perform, ultimately not really worth the money, Slim Thug came back with an actual song—that is, it should be noted, better than a lot of music we hear—and video showing he's curbed his spendthrift ways (though they do have a nice closeup on his giant chain, now apparently a relic of woebegone times). Regardless, We push Smart Cars is a strange thing to come out of anyone's mouth who is not Weird Al.

Video: Slim Thug f. The Daily Show, "Still A Boss"