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Video: Kurt Vile, "Freak Train"

Somehow this video went up on YouTube on Thursday and FADER editor Sam didn't put it up. And today Sam is in Montreal. So theoretically, Sam hasn't seen this video yet and probably won't see it until at least tomorrow. By then there will be five or six hundred people who can lay claim to Sam's title as Kurt Vile's biggest fan, and some of those people will probably have watched the video by accident or as the result of complete boredom. And seeing as how Sam has been talking about "Freak Train" longer than maybe even Kurt Vile, it is going to be really awesome to see how that realization unfolds. As far as the video itself, the rest of us are totally down with its 120 Minutes nine dollar budget vibe and are going to buy Vile's Childish Prodigy on vinyl today to pay tribute.

Video: Kurt Vile, "Freak Train"